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Online Resources for the Study of Religion in China

Research Tools, Dictionaries

Buddha's Light Great Dictionary 佛光大辭典, Ding Fubao's Buddhist Dictionary 丁福保佛學大辭典
(full text search, in german)

A Dictionary of Chinese Buddhist Terms by William Edward Soothill and Lewis Hodous
(the famous Soothill-Hodous dictionary on Chinese Buddhism in html-format, gives also the pages of the printed version)


Database of Modern Chinese Buddhism 近代中國佛教檢索

CBETA - Chinese Buddhist E-Text Association 中華電子佛典協會
(features the Taishō-tripitaka and the Manji zokuzōkyō 卍続蔵経)

佛學世界 網絡藏經閣
(features the Qianlong-Canon 乾隆藏, the Manji zokuzōkyō 卍続蔵経, the Taishō-tripitaka , and the Yongle-Canon 永樂北藏, html and pdf)

The SAT Daizōkyō Text Database SAT大正新脩大藏經テキストデータベース
(The Taishō-tripitaka)

The Korean Buddhist Canon

The Digital Catalogue of Chinese Buddhism 中國佛教數字目錄
(A catalogue of Chinese-language Buddhist publications from 1860 to 1949. Compiled and edited by Gregory Adam Scott 史瑞戈 )

Dharma Drum Mountain Resources for the Study of Buddhism and Buddhism in Taiwan 法鼓佛教學院數位典藏專案

Center for Buddhist Studies at the University of Hamburg

Search Engine Genealogies and Masters of Chan Buddhism 禪宗世系暨禪師名號檢索系統


Daoist Studies 道教研究
(with further links to full text databases and bibliographies)

Daoist Text Collection, The Chinese University of Hong Kong Library 香港中文大學圖書館道教經典文庫
(an online collection of primary sources, such as Daozang jiyao and Lüzu quanshu)


Biographical Dictionary of Chinese Christianity 華人基督教史人物辭典

The Chinese Christian Text Database (University of Leuven, the Netherlands)

Popular Religion and Sects

Bibliography of western language publications on Chinese popular religion, 1995 to present (Philip Clart)

Bibliography of the history of Chinese secret societies 清代秘密社会史论著索引 by Qin Baoqi 秦宝琦, up to 2007

The Institute for Qing History of Renmin University: Research on secret societies and popular religious sects 中國人民大學清史研究所近代秘密社會與民間教派研究

Japanese & Chinese classics 古典籍総合データベース of Waseda University 早稲田大学
(the university’s collection of baojuan 寶卷 (“precious scrolls”) downloadable in PDF format, this is the collection of the late Sawada Mizuho 澤田瑞穂)

Taolibrary 善書圖書館

Digital collection of shanshu and baojuan 善書寶卷數位典藏計畫

Religion in Taiwan

(search for temples in Taiwan, gives exact address)

Taiwan God 台灣寺廟網
(search for temples in Taiwan, gives exact address)

Buddhist temples in Taiwan 臺灣佛寺時空平台
(a huge database on Buddhist temples and zhaitang (vegetarian halls) in Taiwan, their history, present status, etc.)

National Religion Information Network 全國宗教資訊網, Ministry of Interior 內政部

Rare Texts 善本

Rare Chinese texts of Tokyo University 東京大学東洋文化研究所所蔵漢籍善本全文影像資料庫
(Download possible)

全國漢籍データベース: 日本所藏中文古籍數據庫
(classical and old Chinese books catalogued in Japanese libraries, search only)

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